Creating Who You Are

Hey all,

Sounds like a funny title but in reality who are we creatively? I have so many different creative personalities that I sometimes wonder why I can’t focus.Β  I’m hoping that some of you feel the same way. I love all forms of mixed media, chalk painting crafts and furniture, creating art journals, learning new hand written fonts, decorating for all the holidays and the list goes on and on.Β  I feel like there is never enough time in my day to do all that I want after I work all day. So again I ask myself, who am I creatively? I’m so busy comparing myself to other artists (and falling short, short, short) that I become frozen and unable to create, but then I ask myself, what is art?Β  It is the individual expression of the person who is creating it.Β  There is no other soul that can create just like we do, we are unique in our perspective and in our creation.Β  Okay, sounds good but do I believe it, yeah, I think I do. Even if I take a gazillion online and in person classes and learn from dozens of teachers I will still create according to my individual style because i am not those artists, I am me. Learning to like the me is another story but I’m getting there. I guess I’m just taking a leap of faith and sharing what I love and that makes me smile and want to continue on this creative trail. Join me on this journey and let’s have some fun!!! I created a video of me blabbing about this on my you tube channel, the link isΒ

Let’s Create


Vintage Art Lady

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